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Unfortunately we had no underwater camera to capture the stunning cenotes of the Yucatan, the endless blue in Cozumel or the reefs of Cancun.  

Rachel had this article printed in the UK magazine 'Diver', July 2003, relating to one of our dives around the island of Cozumel.



We asked you to tell us about your most bizarre diving experiences, and the quirkiness quotient in your responses was impressive. We present tales of crazy buddies, humming monsters, mystery wetsuits, pond dives, well dives, scum dives, ghost dives, weird locations and discoveries, hotwater dives, colour-free dives - and one hell of a smart octopus

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MONSTER by Rachel Frazer
We were off Cozumel in Mexico, enjoying endless visibility, lots of beautiful swim-throughs and interesting fish life. We were halfway through a dive when a beautiful eagle ray came flapping out of the blue, skimming over us and plunging into the sand to pick up some lunch.
     The guide had said (as they do) that lots of big stuff passed through this area, and we knew it was the time of year to spot it. However, we were pleased with what we had seen so far and started looking carefully among the shallower corals at around 19m for anything we had missed.
     We gradually became aware of a distant sound we had never heard before, like a faint calling. With this, there seemed to be a disturbance among the life around us, but scanning the area we were met only by the unending deep blue stillness.
     The noise was getting louder. Turning to look at the same spot, my buddy and I started to make out a large shape gliding effortlessly towards us.
     We had both worked in diving for a while but had never experienced anything like this before. We were in for a treat.
     As the shape got closer, we finned towards it. Although we have both dived all over the place, Mexico was new to us. We were on holiday and didn't know what these waters could offer. Our excitement was too much. We finned harder, into the blue, aware that the noise was more piercing and the large grey shape in front of us becoming clearer.
     It was now only seconds before we realised what faced us. As we got closer I felt my heart beat as I made out the massive grey shape - with its windows and lots of smiling Japanese faces.
     Yes, we had stumbled across a tourist submarine! It glided slowly past us and at that point I was glad I had a wetsuit with a front zip to give the tourists a sight they had never seen at 19m before!



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